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January 30th, 2016 by LiveMD

therapyIn this day and age, times can be stressful. Life is hectic, we all lead busy schedules and sometimes coping can be difficult. Depression and stress can be hard to deal with and often the best treatment is regular therapy sessions with a certified professional.  Psychiatrists, psychologists, therapists and counselors are all trained and educated on how to provide the best care for their patients.

What can therapy help with?

Talking over your problems and issues with a trained professional can improve your mental health and decrease levels of stress and feelings of depression. A therapist can go over past events or current situations in your life to make sense of them and how they may be affecting you now. By talking over your problems you can reduce the effect that they have on you and take back control of your life and your future. Therapy can improve your work situation, your relationships with family and loved ones, your self image and self esteem. It can also decrease stress levels and negative emotions. A trained practitioner will teach you how to manage your time, set realistic goals, deal with trust issues and be better able to work through life’s problems as they arise.

What to expect in a session

Sessions can last anywhere from half an hour to an hour and a half. Your first session is the chance for your therapist to get to know you and to find out exactly what is going on in your life. They will usually ask questions about why you are seeking treatment, what has went on in your past and what your current situation is. It is important to be honest and open with your therapist. By providing them with lots of information, they will be better able to understand what you are feeling and what types of problems you are dealing with. This means that they will be better able to provide helpful and meaningful solutions for you.

Before your first session, make a list of all of the things that you would like to discuss. Write down any emotions that you may be dealing with. List all of the problems and stress in your life. Being prepared ahead of time will make it easier to open up with your therapist.

How does a therapist help?

A therapist can help you by being an unbiased, third party that is there to listen to your story and help you find solutions to your problems. They can help you make goals and give you strategies on how to reach them. They will give you tips on time management to help you stay organized. They can give positive suggestions on ways to reduce and cope with stress and depending on their designation, some can even prescribe medications that can treat mood disorders, anxiety and depression.

Talking over a problem with an educated ear that is ready and willing to listen is often the best treatment for all of our issues. Regular sessions with a trained professional can be the best way to completely turn your life around and work through any concerns. It is when we keep our feelings and thoughts bottled up inside that all aspects of our lives become affected.

If you have problems that you need to talk about LiveMD is here to help you. We have trained professionals that are here to help. Your wellbeing and mental health is of utmost importance to us and we are ready to listen at any time. If you have a problem that you need help with please contact us today. Visit to talk to a therapist or doctor by phone, text or video.

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