The Secrets to Healthy Aging

The Secrets to Healthy Aging

Today, LiveMD will look at 5 factors that will contribute to a long and healthy life.

We all wish for the same goal, a long, happy, healthy life and there are certain things that we can do to give ourselves the best possible chances for reaching this goal. Today we will discuss the 5 most important factors for living the healthiest life possible.

  1. Diet – What we put into our bodies is one of the most important contributors to good health. Our bodies are sophisticated machines that require the best quality of fuel to function at their highest level. A diet that is rich in a variety of fruits, vegetables, leafy greens, whole grains and lean protein will provide us with all of the needed nutrients, vitamins and minerals to keep us properly fueled and in the best possible health. Drinking plenty of water, at least 8 cups per day, is also important to keep us well hydrated.
  1. Exercise – Daily activity is important for keeping our weight in check and to keep our bodies strong and flexible. Not only will exercise keep our bodies slim and toned but it will keep our joints well lubricated and increase our range of motion. This becomes especially important as we age, when muscle mass declines and bone and joint health deteriorates. By keeping fit and active we can slow this progression and perhaps completely prevent it from occurring in the first place.
  1. Lifestyle Choices – A healthy lifestyle is very important in allowing us to age in a healthy manner. Limiting our consumption of things like drugs, alcohol and tobacco (or completely avoiding them all together) will decrease our risk factors for cancer and other diseases and allow us to live a much longer, disease-free life.

Other healthy choices that we can make are avoiding chemical-laden, processed foods, foods that are high in fat and foods that are high in sodium.

  1. Stress Reduction – In this day and age, stress is extremely common in everyday life. Work, finances and home life lead to a very stressful environment that we all live in. Unfortunately, chronic stress is a detriment to our health and is responsible for an increased risk of heart disease, heart attack, high blood pressure, stroke, migraines, insomnia, obesity and metabolic disorders such as diabetes. By working to reduce the amount of stress in our lives and by properly managing the stress that is unavoidable, we can reduce the negative effect that stress has on us and avoid its consequences. Activities such as yoga, tai chi, meditation and breathing exercises can all help to reduce stress and promote calm and relaxation.
  1. Early Detection – Regular visits to the doctor are so important for identifying diseases early on and getting the treatment required.  In this day and age so many diseases are manageable with proper doctor intervention and the right medication regimen. By seeing your doctor for your annual check-up you can identify problems right away, prevent progression of any diseases and increase your chances of a long and healthy life.

By making a few simple changes and incorporating them into your everyday life you can easily decrease your risk of disease and increase your chances of living a long and healthy life. Eat right, stay active, eliminate stress, see your doctor and most importantly don’t forget to have fun,  smile and enjoy life!

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