2016 Summer Olympics Journal #7 – 5 Reasons Why Doctors Should Compete in the Olympics

5 Reasons Why Doctors Should Compete in the Olympics

LiveMD would like to pay tribute to all of the doctor’s around the world who work hard to keep us healthy. Their jobs are hard and stressful and yet they continue on with the goal of helping others, while often putting themselves at risk. Today we will take a look at the top 5 reasons why being a doctor should be the next new sport in the Olympics!

  1. Their Jobs Are Fast-Paced and Athletic

Being a doctor means always being on your toes and ready to deal with the next emergency that comes your way. No two patients are the same and no two diagnosis or treatment will be the same either. Doctor’s deal with urgent situations all the time where their speed of action and quick decision making could mean the difference between life or death.

  1. They Are Constantly Training

In order to become a doctor in the first place, you must undergo years of education and this training doesn’t stop on graduation day. A good doctor must be constantly studying and learning about new medical advancements and treatment options, just as a good athlete must be constantly training and conditioning to be the strongest and best in their sport.

  1. They Always Have to be Their Best

As with all good athletes, you have to bring your best performance to every game or competition if you want to win first place. It is much the same with doctors. You must always bring your best to every consultation, surgery or medical procedure to have the best possible outcome for your patient.

  1. They Have to be Great Team Players

To be a good doctor you have to work well on a team. By being able to work well with others a good doctor can collaborate with other healthcare professionals to ensure the best outcome for every patient!

  1. They Always Have to Have A Winning Attitude

Being positive, cheery and always hopeful is the attitude that all doctors should have. Seeking out the best result for a patient and showing them compassion, understanding and positivity will make healing easier. Doctors never give up without a fight!

Doctors dedicate their lives to helping others and for this we will always be extremely grateful. Thier selflessness will always be appreciated and to us at LiveMD, you all deserve a gold medal!

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