2016 Summer Olympics Journal #6 – Hosting the Olympics !

Hosting the Olympics is a very big honor and today LiveMD looks at what it means for Brazil to be in the spotlight this year for the 2016 summer games.

The History of the Olympics

The Olympics first began in ancient times in Greece. They were originally held to honour the god Zeus but in more modern times are used to promote and encourage physical activity and as a friendly competition among nations where the best in each sport compete for the gold medal.

How is the Host Country Chosen?

The International Olympics Committee (or IOC) is the organization that is responsible for choosing the country that will host the Olympic games. Every country that is interested in hosting the games will make bids to this committee. The IOC then looks at whether the city is large enough to be able to house all of the competitors and tourists that will come for the games and whether there are enough stadiums and sports complexes for the events to be held in. The city in consideration must also prove that they have the funding available to pay for the expenses of the games and must have very positive media exposure. Once all of this criteria is met, a country is then selected.

What it Means to be a Host Country for the Olympics

It is considered a great honour to be chosen as a host country for the Olympic Games. It allows this country the opportunity to be showcased around the world and to show others all of the unique traditions, customs, sites and landmarks that this country has to offer. There are also some economic benefits that hosting the games can offer as well.

  1. Increased Tourism

With the Olympic Games comes a surge of athletes, tourists and politicians from around the world. This increase in tourism means an increase in income for any business in this industry. Hotels, airlines, restaurants, shops, and attractions will all benefit from a great increase in profits and this increase will benefit all of the employees as well, assisting in raising the standard of living throughout the entire country.

  1. Increased Employment

The Olympics generate a large amount of jobs and although these jobs are temporary, they still assist in generating income for the people of Brazil. Often times construction workers are in high demand in the years and months leading up to the games. New hotels and housing complexes are needed as are stadiums and sports fields. There is also a high demand for security workers to help protect the athletes and bystanders and a demand for tour guides as well. It is conceivable that every industry will be affected and employment rates will experience a huge surge as workers are needed to meet the high demands of these games.

  1. Increased Business Exposure

The Olympics are broadcast around the world and people and businessmen from every country are in attendance at all of the games. This provides a great opportunity for small businesses to shine the spotlight on their innovative products and services in an attempt to gain the attention of worldly investors. It is an excellent chance to advertise and get noticed.

Congratulation Brazil on being given the honor to host this Summer’s Olympic Games. The benefits that this event will have for you are great and far reaching.

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