On August 15th, South Korea Celebrates Independence Day

Today, we at LiveMD, wish all of the people in South Korea, a very happy Independence Day

On this day, in 1945, South Korea gained its independence from Japan. This relatively small country has a population of over 50 million people and is Asia’s most developed country. With a high importance placed on education and literacy, the inhabitants of this country have made great strides in technological discoveries and advancements. They were the first country to make the switch to high-speed internet and are the home to many major global corporations such as Samsung and LG.

South Korea’s Healthcare Statistics

With an average life expectancy of 81 years of age, all of the South Korean people have access to a universal healthcare system which is ranked among the top 10 in the entire world. The hospital facilities in this country are among the world’s finest, containing the most advanced medical technology and treatment methods. It is estimated that there are over 9 hospital beds available for every thousand people which far exceeds statistics for other developed countries.

Overall the South Korean people are considered one of the healthiest groups of people worldwide. There is a very low incidence of obesity in this country which results in a lowered incidence of heart disease and other metabolic diseases. South Korea also has one of the lowest AIDS infection rates and boasts an exceptionally high immunization rate.

Predominant Health Concerns of the South Korean People

Growing Elderly Population

South Korea is currently experiencing a rapid growth of their population over the age of 65. It is expected that by the year 2050 the senior population will have grown to over 38%. This aging population will put a higher demand on the healthcare system and create a need for more assisted care and long-term care facilities.

A Treatment Based Healthcare System

South Korea has a very good system for taking care of their sick, unfortunately very little is being done to prevent people from becoming ill. Preventative treatments are more costly to the healthcare system and therefore the majority of doctors focus their care on treating the problem instead of trying to prevent future illnesses.

Yellow Dust

Common in the springtime, this illness is caused by a fine yellow dust that blows into the country from the neighbouring Mongolian desert. This fine, powdery substance looks similar to pollen and if inhaled can cause severe throat and lung irritations and can be dangerous to those already suffering from respiratory problems. Wearing a facemask is highly recommended when outside in these conditions.

South Korea has become one of the leaders in the world in terms of development, technological advancement and exceptional health care initiatives. On this day we would like to wish you a very happy Independence day.

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