Happy Independence Day Singapore!

LiveMD would like to celebrate along with all of the people of Singapore today and wishes each and every one of them a very happy Independence Day!

On August 9th, 1965, Singapore received full independence from Malaysia. This tiny island country is located just off the coast of Malaysia and boasts of a unique and diverse culture. Since its independence, Singapore has made great advancements in improving the lives of its people and enhancing the entire country as a whole. It has become a role model for other asian countries to emulate themselves after.

Singapore’s Health Statistics

With an average life expectancy of 85 years of age, Singapore rates in the top 5 of all countries across the globe. This is due to the fact that there is a high standard of living throughout the country and a high education and literacy rate as well. Singapore has a strong medical system with many hospitals, research facilities, trained personnel and offers easy access to care for the vast majority of the country’s inhabitants.

The primary causes of death throughout the country are non-communicable diseases such as cancer, heart disease, diabetes and stroke. The primary cause of these diseases can be linked back to poor lifestyle choices such as obesity, smoking and drinking.

Predominant Health Concerns Affecting the People of Singapore

The main health concerns that affect the people of Singapore are lifestyle diseases. Cancer, diabetes, obesity, heart disease, and stroke are the most common illnesses suffered here and are often caused by either genetic disposition or lifestyle choices. These diseases can be better managed by leading a healthy, active lifestyle, making good food choices, quitting smoking and reducing alcohol consumption.

Communicable illnesses have been well managed in this country and do not pose a large threat to the Singaporese people.

There are a few diseases that the people of Singapore seem to be at a higher risk of contracting and they are as follows:


This condition inhibits people from being able to see distant objects clearly and the people of Singapore have one of the highest prevalence of this condition worldwide. It is estimated that close to 30% of children have this condition and it is made worse by activities involving computers or small handheld devices.


This inherited blood disorder is very common among the people of Singapore and is the most frequently diagnosed genetic disorder. 1 in 20 people in this country are affected by this condition which can cause anemia and may require frequent blood transfusions and medical interventions.

After 51 years of independence, LiveMD would like to commend the people of Singapore on the fantastic job that they have done in setting a global standard for countries all around the world to strive towards. Happy Independence Day Singapore!

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