Ivory Coast Independence Day

Today LiveMD wishes all of the people in the Ivory Coast a very happy Independence Day!

On August 7th, 1960, the Ivory Coast became an independent nation from their previous French rule. This coastal country is located in West Africa and borders the Gulf of Guinea in the Atlantic Ocean. Due to its close and long history with France, the primary language spoken in the Ivory Coast is French. This country has a large export industry and is a huge producer of goods such as coffee and cocoa. On this day throughout the country, the Ivorian people celebrate with festivities, feasting, parades and dancing.

Health Statistics for the Ivory Coast

After gaining their independence, the Ivory Coast began to develop a strong healthcare system with many hospitals and facilities to care for the people. Unfortunately, in 2002, a civil war in this country brought a halt to advancement and many of the healthcare provider, most of whom were European, fled the country. This has resulted in a severe shortage of doctors and nurses causing many to turn to traditional healers instead. After the civil conflict was resolved the government implemented a free health care system but this has placed too high of a demand on the already overworked practitioners who remain so presently only mothers and children under the age of 6 qualify for this free care.

Poverty is a large concern for the people of the Ivory Coast and it is estimated that one quarter of the population lives on only $1.25 a day. This results in issues of malnutrition and stunted growth in children.

Predominant Health Concerns


In recent years the prevalence of new cases of HIV and AIDS infections has been steadily declining. There is still a high incidence of this disease throughout the country however with an estimated 390,000 people living with either HIV or AIDS. Educational programs have made a big difference in informing people on how to protect themselves and stop the spread of this disease and the increase in use of antiretroviral drugs has increased the quality of life and lifespan for those suffering with it.


Malaria is very common in the Ivory Coast and each year there is an estimated 2 million cases of infection. Malaria is the main cause for doctor visits and hospitalizations in this country and it is not unusual for a child to experience an episode of malaria 1 to 6 times every year.


Tuberculosis is a serious respiratory disease and it is very common in the Ivory Coast. Recent statistics show 36,000 new cases and 4,600 deaths from this disease in a one year time span. Although the prevalence of this disease is declining it still poses a large threat to the people of the Ivory Coast and their health.

On August 7th, LiveMD would like to extend a sincere “Happy Independence Day” to the people of the Ivory Coast. Our goal is to provide easily accessible, quality healthcare services to people from around the world who are in need of care. If you have questions about your health or are in need of advice, please visit our website today at www.mylivemd.com.

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