Today We Wish Peru a Happy Independence Day

Today we would like to wish all of the people of Peru a very Happy Independence Day.

On July 28, 1821, Peru declared their independence from the Spanish Empire. This coastal country, located on the Western edge of South America is now home to over 30 million people and boasts a unique culture that is rich in tradition and history.

Overview of Peru’s Health Statistics

With an average life expectancy of 78 years of age, the people of Peru are making great strides to meet and achieve the development goals set for them by the World Health Organization. The government has implemented strict immunization policies resulting in close to 98% of the population being vaccinated for the most common communicable diseases. There is also a very high attendance rate for schools in both rural and urban areas, with over 93% of the population receiving an education.

One of the main goals of the people of Peru has been to bring about equal access to healthcare for all, with no discrimination between the poor and wealthy or those in rural versus urban settings. Although there are still many improvements to be made, Peru is making steps in the right direction to improve the health of all of their citizens.

Predominant Health Concerns Affecting the Peruvian People

The warm, tropical weather of Peru is the perfect breeding ground for mosquitos and other insects and parasites and therefore the risk of contracting a vector borne illnesses is very high for the people of this country. Malaria, typhoid fever, yellow fever and dengue fever are all common ailments. Other health concerns in Peru include:

Oropouche Virus Disease

A recent outbreak of Oropouche Virus was reported in Peru earlier this year. This virus originates in sloths and is transmitted when a fly or mosquito bites the animal and then proceeds to bite a human. An infected person will present with the very sudden onset of a fever and then the development of other flu-like symptoms.

Indigenous Health Beliefs

Many of the people living in rural regions of Peru have very limited access to modern healthcare. Studies have shown that of these rural populations more than 20% have never visited a doctor in their lifetime. Most of these people rely on traditional healer and medicine men and women to cure them of their ailments. Although many of these traditional healing techniques may provide some relief, they often cannot compare to the modern day treatments.

Peru is doing a great job in attempting to improve the health care available there and therefore the quality of life for all of the country’s inhabitants. After 195 years of independence this country has done an amazing job and integrating modern culture with its rich traditional beliefs and today we celebrate your independence with you.

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