Today The Maldives Celebrate Independence Day!


Today, July 26, 2016, the people of the Maldives celebrate 51 years of independence. LiveMD would like to extend a heartfelt congratulations!

Located in the Indian Ocean,the Maldives gained their sovereignty from the United Kingdom and became an independent state in 1965. This country is made up of over a thousand tiny islands and it’s beautiful beaches are known around the world as a top tourist destination. This country has a small population of approximately 350,000 people and the tourism industry is this country’s primary source of income.

Overview of The Maldives Health Statistics

The life expectancy of the people of this country is very high at 77 years of age. Part of this is due to its very high immunization rate. Approximately 99% of the entire population has received their standard vaccinations, resulting in almost non-existent episodes of preventable diseases.  This country is also the only southeast Asian country to have completely eradicated Malaria and have remained this way for 32 years. The Maldives has a very good healthcare system and  a good hygiene and sanitary system in place.

Predominant Health Concerns of the People of The Maldives

Geography – One of the biggest barriers to health care faced by the people of this country is its location and geography. Located in the middle of the Indian Ocean, this country is made up of over 1,000 tiny islands and in the past many would have to travel, by sea, to obtain necessary care. Recently, strategies have been implemented to place at least one medical facility on every island which has increased the level of access to care but for severe illnesses, surgeries or emergencies, travel is still necessary.

The geography of this country also has an impact on the number of doctors residing there. They rely heavily on doctor from other regions to come and practice in the Maldives as there are few training facilities and universities available in the country. Medical supplies, pharmaceuticals, technology and equipment must also be imported as well.

Heart Disease and Stroke – With the westernisation of the Maldives came the onset of many first-world diseases such as heart disease and stroke. These are some of the number one causes of death in this country and are due to the inclusion of more unhealthy, fried, high sodium foods into the diet.

Smoking – Smoking tobacco in the Maldives is very common with close to 45% of males partaking in this activity. This has lead to an increase in smoking related diseases such as lung disease and cancer, oral health issues and oral cancers.

Today we would like to wish the people of the Maldives a very Happy Independence Day! Congratulations on all of the progress you have made since your independence and congratulations on the bright and promising future that you have ahead of you.

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