2016 Summer Olympics Journal #3 – The Brazilian Healthcare System

LiveMD gives you all of the details on Brazil’s changing healthcare system.

Known as the Sistema Unico de Saude (or SUS), Brazil’s national healthcare system has undergone some major advancements over the past few decades. It’s primary aim is to provide health services to all of the people of Brazil and recognizes the importance of equality and “health for all”.

Positive Aspects of the Brazilian Healthcare System

Since the implementation of the publicly funded SUS system in 1990, Brazil has seen some major improvements to the health and wellbeing of its people. There has been a drastic decrease in the rate of infant and maternal mortality rates and the life expectancy has made a great jump to an average of 75 years of age. There is no charge for any treatment, including hospital stays, testing and emergency visits.

Negative Aspects of the Brazilian Healthcare System

There are still many problems with the state of the healthcare system in this country. People in more rural areas are still not adequately cared for. Many hospitals are overcrowded and wait times at clinics may be outrageously long, ever for those in need of urgent care.  It can also take a very long time to see a specialist or have a simple procedure, such as an x-ray, done. Although the healthcare system has improved by leaps and bounds, it still has a far way to come, especially for those outside of the city limits. Many of the poorer population still slips through the cracks and does not receive the care that they deserve.

Private Healthcare in Brazil

Many of the more affluent Brazilians still chose to access private health care and are willing to pay the appropriate fees for doing so. Wait times for all treatment options are always shorter if you are paying for your care and many believe that the level of care received is much higher in this sector.

How Can A Visitor to Brazil Receive Urgent Care?

Anyone visiting the country of Brazil will be able to receive medical care when visiting an urgent care clinic or hospital, however in many cases there will be a fee charged for these services. It is highly recommended that you obtain traveller’s insurance prior to your trip to ensure that you are fully reimbursed for any of these claims.

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