2016 Summer Olympics Journal #1 – Brazil Travel Tips


Brazil Travel Tips

August 5th will mark the beginning of the summer Olympics, hosted this year by Brazil. LiveMD wants to provide you with all of the important information that you need to know if you are planning on travelling to Brazil to watch or participate in this year’s summer games.

  1. Beware the Zika Virus – The Zika virus is present in Brazil and so caution should be taken when visiting this country. It is advised that pregnant women, or those planning on getting pregnant in the near future, postpone any trips to this area. It is also advised to wear long clothing, ample bug and mosquito repellant and to avoid areas where the virus is known to be present.
  2. Drinking Water Precautions – Although many sources of water in Brazil may be safe to drink, it is still advised that all visitors to the region stick to bottled water to avoid contamination. Cholera (also known as traveler’s diarrhea) is quite common and can make a person very sick. To avoid this, stick to boiled or bottled water, avoid ice in your drinks and stay away from fruit or veggies that may have been washed in contaminated water.
  3. Stay Safe – Brazil is a beautiful country with many wonderful sites to see and nice people to meet but it does have a relatively high crime rate and it is important to protect yourself when travelling there. Make sure that you stick to well known, tourist areas and don’t venture into areas that you are not familiar with. During the olympics there will be a high police presence but that doesn’t mean that crime can’t and won’t happen. Be aware of pick-pockets and keep all money and valuables safely tucked away.
  4. Get Vaccinated – Before travelling to this year’s summer olympics in Brazil, make sure that all of your standard vaccinations are up-to-date. By ensuring that your measles, mumps, rubella, tetanus and polio vaccines are current you will avoid contracting any of these diseases while away. It is also a good idea to protect yourself against the current strain of the flu and get this year’s flu shot. Since the risk of contracting hepatitis A and typhoid through contaminated water sources is high in Brazil, it is recommended to obtain these shots before travel as well.
  5. Be careful with the Animals – Brazil is an exotic, tropical country with many animals that may be unfamiliar to you. Many of these animals may be vicious or have a poisonous bite.  Talk to the staff at your hotel to find out what animals or insects may be present near your location and find out if they are known to bite or sting and what kind of first aid treatment is necessary in an emergency situation.

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