How to Grow Up Healthy


It is a well known fact that one of the best ways to ensure that your child grows up into a healthy adult is to encourage a healthy lifestyle at a young age. LiveMD offers tips on how best to achieve this:


Vaccinating your child is one of the most important steps that you can take to provide good health in the future. Vaccinations protect against serious viruses and prevent diseases. Due to medical advancements, the inoculations that are used now are extremely safe and have caused many viruses that were once commonplace to have now become obsolete. By vaccinating your child you are protecting them from becoming ill and are helping to stop the spread of disease to others, decreasing or eliminating epidemics worldwide.

Provide a Healthy Diet

The food that we put into our body plays a very important role in the state of our health and this is especially true for young, growing bodies. As we develop and grow we need a wide variety of different nutrients, vitamins and minerals to facilitate this growth and keep us in good health. Fruits and vegetables, lean proteins, healthy fats and whole grains will help to keep our children’s bodies healthy. By feeding our children a diverse diet filled with lots of different whole foods we can ensure that they are getting a wide variety of nutrients for good health and are developing healthy eating habits that will stick with them for life.

Encourage Outdoor Playtime and Physical Activity

In this day and age many children are not getting enough physical activity and are leading extremely sedentary lifestyles, sitting in front of the TV or computer. This has led to an enormous increase in childhood obesity rates and therefore an increase in metabolic diseases in children, such as diabetes. Physical activity will not only help to keep a child’s weight in check but it will also help to develop adults that are more active and in better physical shape. Play time outdoors also stimulates a child’s creativity, develops large motor skills, increases self-confidence and boosts vitamin D levels.

Encourage Learning

Learning is so important, both to young children and to adults. A child that is encouraged to explore and attain new information, is a child that will do better in school and have a higher chance of success as an adult. By encouraging a child to want to learn new things and to ask questions, you are helping that child to develop a love of information and as we all know, knowledge is power.

Lead By Example

Children are like little sponges and soak up all of what they see around them. As a parent, by living a healthy lifestyle yourself, you are showing your child what is expected of them as they grow. Your views, ideas and actions are very important to your children so leading a healthy life will not only benefit you but your children as well.

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