Choose the Right Beauty Products for Beautiful Skin

skincareMaking safe and skin friendly cosmetic and skin care product choices is important for many reasons and LiveMD is here to help you determine which items are the best to meet your beauty needs.

Why is it important to use safe beauty products?

Creams, lotions, lipsticks and eye shadows are commonly used products in most households, however many people don’t even know what ingredients make up the make-up they are applying. Unfortunately, many of the additives that are in our cosmetic products can be harmful to our skin and to our health. Cancer causing agents called carcinogens have been found as have allergy causing substances. Some products will dry out the skin, while others will cause rashes or irritations and many beauty products contain harsh and potentially toxic chemicals that can be extremely dangerous to your health.

How to make safer choices

The best way to know if the beauty product you are purchasing is safe is to fully read the label and all ingredients that are listed on the packaging. Don’t be fooled by flashy advertisements or claims on the box. Companies can use words like “All Natural” or “Hypoallergenic” but because claims like these are not regulated by most government agencies, they do not have to be true. By reading the label and knowing the contents of a product, you can be sure to know exactly what you are putting on your skin. When reading labels here are some things to look for:

  1. Choose the product that has the least amount of ingredients. The fewer the number of ingredients the less chemicals that are being put on your skin
  2. Avoid choosing skin care products that are fragranced. Scented products contain more chemicals and can cause more allergies and irritations than non-scented products.
  3. Stay away from preservatives. Ingredients with the word “paraben” in them, phenoxyethanol and benzyl alcohol should all be avoided. These chemicals help to extend the shelf life of a cosmetic but they are also known to cause allergies, tumours and depress the central nervous system.
  4. Many beauty products contain crude oil or petroleum. It is a relatively cheap and long-lasting substance but it is known to cause cancer and therefore should not be used.

When you have found a skincare or cosmetic product that is right for you it is important to test it first to ensure that you will not have a reaction to it. Apply a small amount on the inside of your arm and wait a day or two to see if you have any irritation to it. If your skin turns red or you develop any type of rash, do not use the product.

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