Your Baby Body – 6 Changes to Expect After Giving Birth

post_pregnancyAfter having a baby your body goes through many changes. LiveMD gives you advice on what changes your body may experience after giving birth.

  1. Belly Weight – Most women expect that their stomach will quickly return to normal almost immediately after giving birth. This however is not usually the case. It can take 6-8 weeks for a woman’s enlarged uterus to return to it’s pre-pregnancy size and often times much longer for a woman to lose the extra weight that was gained during pregnancy. Also, since the skin of the stomach was stretched, a woman may experience loose skin that may be able to be toned with exercise or may never go away entirely.
  2. Decreased Sex Drive – Doctors usually recommend abstaining from sex for at least 6 weeks after delivery however some women find that they are uninterested in sex for long after that. After giving birth your body is experiencing many different hormonal changes and along with hectic days and sleepless nights, intimacy is usually not a priority for many women. This decline in sex drive may last for months.
  3. Change in Shoe Size – 60-70 percent of women will experience an increase in their shoe size after giving birth to their baby. There are two reasons that this may occur. One is that the increase in hormones that a woman experiences when she is pregnant may contribute to a slight growth in foot size. The other reason is that the extra weight that a woman carries during pregnancy may cause the feet to flatten out, making them longer.
  4. Incontinence – Loss of bladder control is quite common after giving birth. Due to the amount of pressure that was exerted on the bladder for 9 months and the possible trauma to the bladder that may have been experienced during childbirth, it is possible for a woman to experience urinary incontinence for either a short time or sometimes long term after delivery.
  5. Hair Loss – Postpartum hair loss can occur in new mothers in the first 3 to 6 months after childbirth. Hair may be lost a bit at a time or may fall out in clumps. This is normal and is due to the hormonal changes that your body experiences after delivery. Once hormone levels return to normal, your hair should return to normal as well.
  6. Change in Breast Size – When breastfeeding, a new mother can expect that her breast size will increase. However, after a baby stops breastfeeding changes in the breast may be observed. A woman may experience saggier skin, larger breasts or smaller breasts than before. All of these changes are quite common and perfectly normal.

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