Oh Baby! You’re so Smart!

baby readingLiveMD looks at ways to raise an intelligent child and how to ensure that their mental development is on target for their age.

By following a few simple tips and giving your child all of the care that they need when they are young, you can give them the best possible chance of growing into a strong, healthy and intelligent adult.

  1. Start Early – Good nutrition while you are still pregnant is one of the best ways to ensure that your child will meet proper growth and developmental markers. Eating a balanced diet and staying away from tobacco, alcohol and drugs will help to prevent birth defects and ensuring that you are getting the proper vitamins and minerals (like fish oils and folic acid) will benefit your baby’s brain development.
  2. Provide Lots of Love and Physical Contact – Love and physical contact are extremely important to a child’s development. Studies have shown that a child that is held often and shown gestures of love will develop at a faster rate than a child that is not and will have a better chance of growing into a stable and intelligent adult. A child that is exposed to a stressful, angry or hostile environment can often experience developmental delays, have poorer grades in school and have more difficulty in social situations.
  3. Develop Language Skills – Working early on to develop language skills with your baby will enhance its development. Reading to your baby and talking to them often is extremely beneficial, even if they are still too young to understand what you are saying. Babies who are spoken to often, at an early age, usually begin to talk at an earlier age and develop a larger vocabulary much more quickly. Babies who are read to a young age, often grow up loving to read themselves, making it easier for them to achieve good grades in school.
  4. Encourage Exercise – Exercise and playtime are very important to a child’s development. Stimulating and educational games help to build the foundation for learning in the future and outdoor play time helps to build strong bones and muscles. Puzzles and matching games encourage children to think and problem solve and role playing games help a child to develop creativity and imagination. Social interaction is important to develop good social skills as well, so time with other babies and children is very important.
  5. Limit TV and Computer Time – With the increase of technology many children are spending too much time watching TV or playing on computers, cell phones and tablets. Although there is educational material available on these devices, children are often missing out on social interaction and lack the coping skills needed to be able to deal with real life situations as they get older. When allowing your child to play on the computer or watch TV, it is important to make sure that a parent is present, ensuring that the content is appropriate and interacting with the child to give a well rounded experience that isn’t only focused on the technology.
  6. Avoid Coddling – It is important to remember that your child is an individual and as an independent person, they will need to make their own decisions and suffer the consequences of their own mistakes. A child that is coddled and is not allowed to make mistakes will have issues coping as they grow up as they may not be able to properly deal with the mistakes and failures that are a part of life.

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