Beware Counterfeit Medications

drugs2A warning from LiveMD on the dangers of fake medications

What is a counterfeit medication?

Millions of counterfeit, or fake, prescription medications are being produced around the world and are being sold to the public with the intent to deceive people into believing that they are real. These drugs are often packaged to look like the original medications and the pills themselves are often identical as well. Unfortunately, counterfeit medications can be extremely dangerous. Many do not contain the proper amount of active ingredients or these ingredients may be expired and some may not contain any medicine in them at all. Others are made with unsafe or toxic additives and chemicals.

Why are counterfeit medications so dangerous?

Counterfeit medications are extremely dangerous and should never be taken. These drugs are often produced by people with no pharmaceutical experience and can contain ingredients that can cause deadly side effects or allergies. Poisonous and toxic chemicals and substances that are not intended to be ingested are often added, causing serious health issues.

If you are taking a medication for a life threatening condition, counterfeit medications won’t work the way that the legitimate pharmaceutical product would, causing your condition to worsen and go untreated.

How can I avoid counterfeit medications?

There are many new laws and regulations being developed to help stop the production and distribution of these fake drugs. Unfortunately, for the time being, there is still a large and dangerous supply of them on the market and it is important that you stay away from them.

  • Be very careful when purchasing medications from online pharmacies. Make sure to do your research on the company first and ensure that they are licensed and registered with your country’s governing body that oversees the distribution of pharmaceutical products.
  • Inspect your pills before taking them and make sure that they look exactly like the originals with all of the correct markings on them. If you are unsure or have any questions you can contact the manufacturer for detailed information on the proper appearance of the medication.
  • Only purchase prescriptions from a pharmacy that you are familiar with and trust or one that is recommended to you by your doctor.
  • If you suspect that you have received a counterfeit medication do not take it and make sure that you report it right away to the manufacturer and local law enforcement.

Counterfeit medications are a growing concern around the world and until the people responsible for these fraudulent activities are stopped and brought to justice, it is up to each and every one of us to be responsible for knowing where our medication has come from. If you have any questions about your medication, suspect that you may have received counterfeit drugs or have questions for one of our doctors, contact us today.  

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